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Workshops and Events

To help support schools and families integrate Mindfulness Lucius holds workshops. Upcoming workshops and Events are listed below:

Mindfulness for Children, Youth and Families Workshop


“Mindfulness for Children, Youth and Families” will be a six week introduction course into secular Mindfulness. Learn what mindfulness is, why it is important and begin to establish a practice that works for you, as a family, no matter how busy or hectic your life. This program is designed specifically for children and youth to be entertaining and easy to understand.

The course will begin Monday June 4 and ending Monday July 9, 2018 at The Oasis Institute, 4918 Homberg Dr, Knoxville, TN 37919.

There will be three different classes happening each Monday:
1) rising Kindergarten-4th grader (6-6:45pm)- limit 10 children;
2) rising 5th-8th graders (7pm-7:45pm)- limit 12 youth;
3) rising 9th-12 graders (8pm-8:45pm)- limit 15 youth.
For the elementary and middle school courses parents need to attend all six classes. For high school students parents can choose to attend or not although it is suggested that parents do attend.

Make sure to reserve your place. Click here for Registration.

Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers Conference

This year’s conference will be in Atlanta, Georgia, July 12 – 15, 2018. Lucius will giving a SEA Children's Tree - 200workshop Friday July 13 at 1:30pm. Click here for Registration.



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